•     So first let’s get all of the important stuff out of the way. Why is water sooooo important? Basically everything we do, from breathing to digestion uses water. Literally every cell of our bodies requires water to properly function. Watching the bachelorette from a horizontal position on you... View Post
  • Every year around my birthday I get a little…strange. I don’t particularly like the thought of “ageing”.  I am OK with getting older, but “ageing” is a whole different ball game. Around this time of year when the new number starts rolling up on me, I like to challenge myself to crazy things.  So... View Post
  • "OMG I’m so tired…" "Work is so hectic right now…" "I’m so busy with the kids…" I am sure we have all used one of these excuses when answering the little voice inside that says “hey…wanna workout?” Lack of motivation is the number one reason workouts fall to the bottom of the “to do” list. Even... View Post