•     So first let’s get all of the important stuff out of the way. Why is water sooooo important? Basically everything we do, from breathing to digestion uses water. Literally every cell of our bodies requires water to properly function. Watching the bachelorette from a horizontal position on you... View Post
  • What pops into your mind when you hear the word BREAKFAST? Bacon & Eggs, OJ…Lucky Charms?  What if I told you that your thoughts on breakfast were the carefully thought out plan of some pretty slick marketing people!! North Americans are inundated with what breakfast should look like through... View Post
  • What’s In a Macro?

    At EAT TRAIN LIVE™️, we pride ourselves on delivering healthy, delicious, macro-balanced meals. But wait – what’s a ‘macro-balanced’ meal anyway? Considering we eat them everyday, I’m often surprised at the number of clients I see in practice that need an explanation when it comes to macronutri... View Post