Read some of the amazing feedback we have received from clients of our meal delivery, fitness training and health and nutrition services.


"I am so glad I decided to give Eat Train Live a try. They are the best in Toronto. The meals are extremely delicious and healthy, and the service is top notch. By adding these meals to my diet, I have seen positive differences in the way I look and feel. I strongly recommend this service if you are looking for a healthy option which is delicious and convenient."

- Marc Brathwaite

"Really enjoying the meals so far! I tried Fuel Foods before which was 'ok' except they barely included any vegetables (maybe 2-3 pieces of broccoli for instance) and they usually looked washed out and didn't have a lot of flavour. Eat Train Live gives you an abundance of brightly coloured crisp or delicious roasted veggies which I really appreciate! Portions also seem much better. It genuinely feels like each meal was prepared with thought and care, and I am getting many jealous looks from co-workers over the lunch hour :) Thanks, Eat Train Live! *I had commented that I found it difficult to be home for the delivery windows twice a week, but Eat Train Live reached out immediately and we are going to work out a solution - amazing customer service!!"

- Angelica Papin

"Lonie is incredible and the meals are absolutely delicious, each with killer macros to ensure I'm always staying on track. Best meal delivery service in the city!"

- Lauren Ramsbottom

"I enrolled in Eat Train Live for 3 reasons:

1 - I had 4 months to get in shape for my wedding.

2 - I am a busy real estate agent and with my irregular schedule I found it very difficult to eat properly.

3 - I needed someone to help make going to the gym a priority.

In 4 months I lost 20 pounds and was in great shape for my wedding. It also gave me much more energy and overall made me feel better.

I loved the system so much that after my wedding I stayed on the program. Lonie does a tremendous job motivating you at the gym and I crave the taste of the meals and love the convenience of them.

I would highly recommend Eat Train Live to any professional that is looking to get back in shape and eat better. It will allow you to perform at a higher level in your day to day life, open up more free time to allow you to focus on what is important to you, and teach you how to make physical activity one of the priorities in your life."

- Alex Wilson